When Can I Expect Mosquitoes to Be Most Active in My Yard?

Getting plans together for your social calendar? Maybe you want to invite some friends over for a dinner party, but you know that your yard often has mosquitoes buzzing around, looking for something to land on and bite. These annoyances can really put a damper on an outdoor event, so knowing when your property is most active with mosquitoes can help you make plans for the best time to get in touch with your local mosquito control services alexandria team to make sure your yard is mosquito-free just in time for whatever you may have planned outside.

Get Ready For the Summer!

The summertime is probably the best time for enjoying being outside in your yard with the people you care the most about. Unfortunately, the summer season is also when mosquitoes of every type are the most active. Mosquitoes thrive in the warmer temperatures. The time of day that mosquitoes are most active depends on the types of mosquitoes making their presence known in your yard.

Some mosquitoes (like the Asian tiger mosquito) are most active during the day, while other types (like a common house mosquito) will be most active during the evening time. Interestingly, most mosquitoes are less likely to attempt to bite during the warmest part of the day.

When Do They Go Away?

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You likely have noticed that you are very unlikely to have many mosquitoes flying around your property during the colder times of year. This is because the majority of mosquitoes go into hibernation during the winter months, while some die off completely. Most mosquitoes will come out of hibernation and become active once again when the weather stays consistently around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and will become even more active the higher the temperature becomes.

Treat the Yard

As you’ve probably already gleaned, the best time to get in touch with professionals to treat your yard for mosquitoes will be right before the heat really sets in. You might even be lucky enough to kill some of them off while they are in hibernation if you schedule your yard treatment at just the right time! When your yard is treated, you can go back to enjoying it without having to worry about those pests buzzing around your head all day.

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