Tips For Caring For Screen Enclosures

There is nothing better than having an opened area of your home.  When we have an opened area of our homes we can allow fresh air in, can communicate with people easier and it makes our homes look bigger.  When we have one of these enclosures however, we need to really know how to take care of them.  When installing screen enclosures roanoke va it is vital that you keep them free of holes and other worn areas.

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Prevent holes

The first thing that you want to do is prevent holes.  To do this simply stay away from the screen with sharp objects.  Objects like pens, screwdrivers, nails and knives will all cause your screen to get holes.  Insects are also another way that holes can appear.  Insects may fly into the enclosure and get stuck and start to tear the screen in the process of escaping.

Keep screens clean

You want to keep your screens clean.  Over time the elements will start to get onto your screens and causing them to look dirty.  The best way to wash the screens is to take them down and wash then with soap and water.  If you cannot remove the screens, then you want to use a scrub brush and water and carefully wash your screens down.

Watch where you are walking

In many cases the screens will be transparent or such a light color that you can’t see them.  For this reason it is important that you watch where you are going.  When you approach the screen slow down and approach with caution.  You will always want to assume that the screens are closed as that you will need to open them.

Watch your animals

Finally, you want to watch your animals.  Your dogs and cats won’t care that you have screens.  All they will care about is getting into or out of the house.   As such you may want to put small stickers on the screens or do something that will give them a visual that something is in the way.  Also, if possible, try to keep the screens open when the animals are most active.

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